Sun, glorious sun this morning! Same old morning routine and we hit the trail. It was a quick and easy hike down to Longmire where we checked the weather report (sunny, yay!) and snow conditions. I think we are done with the snow. We stopped at the store and ate ham sandwiches, chips, apples and drank Mt. Dew. Of course we had a Snickers for dessert. Bellies full we started to climb. And climb. And climb. Lots of up. The trail was nice, it looks like it's used by plenty of day hikers. After our climb, we descended a bit to cross Kautz Creek. The trail was a little washed out but easy to follow. Then, we climbed some more. The trail was steep but soft and rock & root free. It went through an old-growth Western Hemlock forest. We arrived at Devil's Dream camp fairly early. All day we were discussing why Devil's Dream could be named Devil's Dream. Now we can't decide if it's named after the hellish climb up here or the THOUSANDS of mosquitos. The mosquitos are actually unbearable. Thank goodness we had head nets. Long sleeves, pants, socks, and mosquito nets were the only way to survive. We got tents set up and we were ready to be in them by 4:30pm. Thankfully there is a complete outhouse here and the mosquitos don't seem to follow you in there. This is the first camp that hasn't had a good water source. We have plenty of water and we decided to forgo dinner due to still full bellies from Longmire and the fact that we would be mosquito dinner if we stayed outside. It was a long evening hanging out in the tents. Miles hiked = 9.4. Total miles hiked = 63.3.