Woke up last night to the drip, drip, drip sound of more rain. Which is better than what Dick woke up too, some sort of heavy breathing outside! We packed up our wet stuff and started off. Of course the day started with a climb. It wasn't too bad though. We hiked through old growth forest and up to a beautiful park, Sunset Park. Although it was foggy (really foggy) it was quite beautiful. Quickly we were at Golden Lakes where we stopped to cook breakfast. We wandered into camp and found Texas still in his sleeping bag under his tarp cooking his breakfast. A quick oatmeal stop and we were off. We hiked through an area that was dominated by white pine along what I assume was a beautiful ridge. We were totally socked in. The sun did try really hard but just couldn't break through. We decided that if we got to South Mowich camp by 4pm we were just going to push the 5-ish miles to Mowich Lake and end a half of a day early. We were so soggy. The trail went down, down, down the longest switchbacks I've ever encountered. We had been warned by people hiking counter clockwise that this section of the trail had a lot of blow downs and boy were they right! HUGE trees with no way around. We crawled under, climbed over and even shimmied though trees. It was interesting. Oh wait! I almost forgot. After our initial climb this morning the trail was FLAT for almost 2 miles. This was the only flat section of the entire trail! So still down the long switchbacks and over giant trees we went.  We arrived at South Mowich Camp at 2pm. Yes, 2pm. Like horses towards the barn door... we decided to go for it! We blew past South Mowich and started dreaming of our post-hike meal. It was only 5 more miles but we had to go back up the 2000 feet we had just come down. It was exhausting. It took us almost 4 hours to do the last 4 miles but WE DID IT! We drug our wet, cold, exhausted selves to the car, drove to Wilkeson and parked in front of the Pick & Shovel. YUMMMMM! The meal: House Salad w/caesar dressing, Blue Moon, Diet Coke, Patty Melt, French Fries and an extra order of French Fries. Seriously the best french fries ever. This hike was truly a life-changing experience. It was physically the most difficult thing I have ever done. I feel so blessed for the opportunity and experience. Miles hiked = 16. Total miles hiked = 92.8