And so it begins. Dick and I started bright and early from Mowich Lake. A beautiful, sunny morning. The hike starts with a gentle climb up to Ipsut pass then a steep descent into the Carbon River Valley. Wildflowers were abundant & beautiful. Down, down, down we went. We were next to the Ipsut Creek for awhile and then next to the Carbon River. The trail is slowly crumbling into the Carbon River and at one point we had to use a fixed rope to swing around a narrow section of trail. Eventually the Wonderland Trail ceases to exist and we had to cross the river bed following a series of cairns and bridges. We crossed over to the Northern Loop trail and followed that for about a mile. We then rejoined the Wonderland Trail and crossed the suspension bridge spanning the Carbon River. From the bridge there is a spectacular view of the bottom of the Carbon Glacier. It was just a short hike from the suspension bridge to our camp for the night, the Carbon River camp. A footbridge over Cataract Creek leads you to the camp. Cataract Creek was gorgeous with a nice cascade upstream. We arrived early, around 3:30pm so we had our pick of campsites. The Carbon River Camp has storm damage and not all of the sites are open. The sign designating the group site was crushed by a fallen tree and hard to see. We ended up picking site #1. Just past the camp the WT is completely washed out. I suspect that they will not rebuild this section and crossing over to the Northern Loop trail will become the official route. Dinner down by Cataract Creek was Backpacker's Pantry Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken. Food was just OK, not my favorite but edible. Miles hiked today = 8.7. Total miles hiked = 8.7

mowich lake to carbon river